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What is Wordsworthing?


Wordsworthing in the purely objective sense is the culmination of a group text by four friends (then three) that spans the course of YEARS. In a way, WW is a keyhole view into the world, our world as friends, for the past four years at least. It's like we kept a group diary and now we are allowing people to see new pages, periodically, that we have written and torn out for display. To get farther into the abstract, WW is noticing the umbral dashes trailing the rocks strewn across the evening face of the sidewalk, it's picking out the brassy, "yank yank yank" of a red breasted nuthatch as she calls across the human transportation noise, it's the absolute refutation of Facebook meme happiness and all those who would follow that false idol. It's fucking passion, it's akin to the "WHUMP" of a gasoline fed fire, but one in your soul. It's entering your soon to be lover's apartment for the first time. It's sitting down to a page and beginning. Finally, it is a reason to move today's scheduled suicide to a more convenient time- tomorrow.


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Current avenues of consumption

Watching:  The Crown

Music:  The Weeknd

Reading:  The Heart Goes Last by Margaret Atwood


Watching:  The Night Manager

Music:  Mansionair

Reading (with trepidation about associations I should make):  The Trip to Echo Springs by Olivia Laing

Watching:  Reruns of Top Gear (I'm not hyperlinking this because I don't want it to have ANYTHING to do with the new Top Gear, which is an abortion)

Music:  Francis and the Lights

Reading:  One Story


What peeps of the world are saying

I’m thinking that the dead brother from NPR’s Car Talk was reanimated and he brought back Hunter S. Thompson with him and they got together with the other brother from Car Talk, the one who is actually alive, and they gobbled some acid and decided to talk about literature. They were only given one mandate: incorporate the words “fuck” and “shit” as frequently as necessary. Hilarity ensues!
— D. Stevenson
If I was a big-ass goddamn phony then I’d listen to this, but since I’m not I won’t waste my time with these phonies because they’re about the goddamn phoniest of phonies I’ve ever heard.
— Holden

Honk honk, honk, honk, honk honk honk.
— Canadian Goose
How and why would someone break their dick, they must be super drunk or something.
— A child whose dick has yet to be broken