Episode 9: Strangler Bob


To honor possibly our dearest friend of the show, and literary dad, D. Stevenson, the Wordsworthing crew dug into Strangler Bob by Denis Johnson as published in our favorite magazine (to shred), The New Yorker.  There was talk about fate vs choice, rolling for luck, hella-craft, and the inevitability that sometimes a story will goes sideways.  Ben, Dan, and Nick all took notes for your pleasure. 

Also, a lot of our side jokes were left in this time which we think you'll enjoy.  But what do we know about what anyone would enjoy.  Other than alcohol.  And us.  We feel that we would enjoy some alcohol right about now.

Castmate Ben then regaled us with a Saunders-esque, techno satire, snap edit fiction which Dan and Nick enjoyed.  NPCs were mentioned.

As the booze wound on, the crew found themselves debating what living was and is, through sensory stimulation (specifically via mega cold water submerging followed by extreme hot water submerging).  Then we wound the show up, thereafter continuing deep into the substances and the night, such that at one point Castmate Nick was asleep on his bed, headphones still on, only to wake to his fellow Castmates shouting "Nick!  Wake up!"  This, of course, was unrecorded.  After Castmate Nick awakened, they still kept on into the night, reaching for something they knew was unattainable:  peace.

Castmate Nick