Episode 4: The Mongerji Letters

Dear Mr. Chappalwala,

I am writing to confirm delivery of the latest package.  I quite enjoyed the contents, of which immediately began playing upon opening the envelope.  I was very excited to hear that the package contained a new Wordsworthing episode (number 4; though, Mr. Chappalwala, I do wish you'd goad these men into a production rate more closely attenuated to my addiction to such fine content).  The story, "The Mongerji Letters" by Geetha Iyer, was such fun fantasy.  It was of the highest levels of joy to which I listened to the sensible and eloquent disagreement between the castmates and I was most pleased to hear that for the first time a special guest, Hunter Whitworth, joined the fray.  I listened intently while I reviewed the marginalia by Ben, Dan, Nick, and Hunter, often snickering at their seemingly inebriated scrawling.

It is also very good to hear that Wordsworthing has acquired a few non-sanctioned, wholly unaffiliated sponsors like The Department of Labor and Stitches, the latter being of particularly special stock.

Then I was regaled by Ben with a wondrous tale of dinosaurs with feathers and quantum choices.  A choice morsel, indeed.

Finally, and to my delight, Hunter read a piece of his own creation, "The Invention of Dreaming", which was of mighty caliber.  Nick, Ben, and Dan all relayed a hearty congratulations while attempting (and failing, like they usually do in the most comedic fashion) to help young Hunter hone his craft.  I have included two of Hunter's stories in this letter, "Improbable Depth" and "The Pillar of Fire."  I do hope you enjoy.

All-round, it was enlightening entertainment that I'll sorely be craving whilst I await another delivery.  Indeed, I'll pass some time reading the story for the next episode, "North".

Warmly yours,

Your mom

- Nicholas Dighiera