Episode 3: The First Full Thought Of Her Life

Photo by  Jordan Schevene

Episode Three coming to you hot and ready - smothered, covered, chunked, and topped - from the Waffle Houses of our minds.

Here's the rub:  We review a story by Deb Olin Unferth entitled "The First Full Thought of Her Life".  This story first appeared in Tin House, which is a journal that Nick frequents.  I've submitted there, but they're not feeling my flow (FULL DISCLOSURE:  The story was about Socrates coping as a minimum wage lackey at McDonalds).  Whatevs.  They publish good things most times, and I won't second say their editorial proclivities here.  Go read the piece and decide for yourself before delving into the third iteration of three men stumbling through literature.

In this episode, the crew discusses, among other things:  The current election, story inventiveness, exposition and its use(less)fullness, "did we like it", and the shittiness of Andrew Jackson.  Dan, Nick, and I took notes on Ms. Unferth's piece, as you do.  Nick then took the crew on a marvelous WW journey where he went to Colorado and shoved a sled piloted by his two sons down an insane sand dune.  They survived, and Nick brought it all back to make a salient point, which I felt intensely at the time, but owing to a career of substance abuse, I've forgotten currently.  Then we went on a tear about Curtis White, the Western Canon, and Prop 64.  After, there is Dan's reading of a snap edit piece entitled "The Family Finnegan" where Nick and I also took notes and offered feedback of the most erudite and lucid nature (JUBILATED!)  A good time was had by all.

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-Ben Toche