Episode 2: You'll Apologize If You Have To


Our second episode, currently known best as One of the Top Two Episodes of Wordsworthing, has us examining “You’ll Apologize If You Have To” by Ben Fowlkes, a story first published in Crazyhorse, a literary journal out of the College of Charleston. Ben, who likes mixed martial arts and birds, was probably really surprised about where his story was published next. We were too. And we don’t want to spoil the surprise, so you’ll just have to listen. Also, there is a heron. How many podcasts have a heron? 

Unlike the heron, this podcast does not have a lengthy and vibrant discussion we had about the comments and the people typing same at the bottom of online news stories, and how that could possibly relate to the overall degradation of man’s ability to recognize Art. Curtis White was mentioned. But we cut this part because, well, Curtis White was mentioned.  Dan went into Freezyville, likely looking for Ben. Dan cut that part.  Ben's, Dan's, and Nick's feeble scrawling, respectively.

Nick reads his flash fiction piece “The Extinction of Dinosaurs” which will surprise you in how few dinosaurs it has. Ben and Dan say nice things and we chit chat a bit about scenes and stories and what makes what. This interests writers.

Shows come and go but this podcast lives on a website that has a place for your comments which will inspire and chide us as appropriate. Please do go to this place, which you will know by the box labeled “comments.” There’s also cool things on the website like documents you can download that contain our very own scrawled hurlings over top the actually published words of known authors. We opine to our wit’s end, a journey you may take prior to your beer getting warm.

We thank you and are humbled by your listening.

Dan Mickelsen