Episode 1: Upside-Down Cake

Photo by Herb Eaversmells

Photo by Herb Eaversmells

In this episode we review Paul Theroux's short story "Upside-Down Cake" published by The New Yorker on June 27, 2016.  Paul is novelist and a travel writer; more information can be found on his website.  We focus on characters, setting, and pretty much everything else...because that's what needs help.  (Dan's and Nick's marginalia, respectively; if you are interested in Ben's, it's in the shredded recycle at his house)

In addition, we also talked about Brexit.  But that got cut because, well, we don't know a goddamn thing about it.  And the beer was heavy by that time.

Ben read an excerpt from his piece "Misery Makes the Grass Grow: Ooh-Rah Marine Corps (Clap, Clap) Kill!" and Nick and Dan gave him tips on how to write better so as not to drive his sweet minivan off a cliff (Dan's notes have vanished into the ether; prize of non-value to anyone who can find them).  

Overall, we feel this was a fine show fit for the dregs and the elitist alike.  If you disagree, please tell us so by going to the contact page and mustering the highest degree of verbal vomit you can.  We are pumped.  

-  Nicholas Dighiera