Episode 6: The Tenant



EPISODE SIX: If you are reading this, know: You are the Resistance and I am Castmate Ben, leading you from the heart of the fight, direct from the SkyNet Palmer front, deep in combat with the machines - digitally, spiritually, humanly…  leaning forward, as you do.

The focus of our best HUMINT (supplied by Castmate Ben himself) is a piece entitled “The Tenant” by a Victor Lodato that appeared in a publication, Granta, of some note. The team dispatched to recon this unit, newly identified, as a possible high value target, and we set up OPs around the archive, downloading as arrantly as we dared. The intel in hand, we repaired to our hides to suss out the essential elements of information.

On or about 22APR2017, the team casted, remotely, from our encrypted locales about said target. Owing to the handicap of Powerpoint being down, the team can provide the Resistance with a bulleted list of notes/beacons, for which to listen in this latest broadcast:

-Rebecca Solnit, friend of the show

-The Trip to Echo Spring

-Jason Preator

-“I like to stay dumb as a writer.”

-Cambridge University


-Ron Carlson

-Lodato equals ‘dumb’ writing equals high journaling

-22 pages to anything

-Jo-Ann Mapson teaching

-Ignorance of Anna Karenina

-”Blah, pedestrian.”


-Authorial Intent

-”Lemme jump in there”

-Rigid German Airships

-Wurlitzer pianos, A440 tuning forks

-The Absence


-“A Natural Man

I will broadcast on this frequency, as able, to disseminate further updates. If you’re out there, know that you are important. Stay reading the lit, forming your own circles of Art, cutting away at the airport fic and trash poetry and awful symbolism. Remember, if you’re reading this, you are the Resistance, you are important, and the future is yours to earn.

REFERENCE DOCUMENTATION:  P-1278; TO-65-1113; NAVSECOPSLOG 12, 13, & 85; 45-98GHQ