Episode 7: A Natural Man

Here we are again.  In this episode we drop some news about the lit mag, discuss why we are doing it, drink (except Dan who was killing it at sobriety; props dude), we talk some serious wisdoms (sic), and then cavort in the literary effort as we are known to do.

Adam O'Fallon Price.  A Natural Man.  The Paris Review.  You should click the link and stuff that material through your irises before you have a listen.  That way when we fly off the fucking handle about shotguns, you'll know what's going on.  Seriously.  Shotguns.  

In fact, a little PSA here, whether you are gun fan or not, if you are going to write a story about them SHOOT THE MOTHERFUCKERS A FEW TIMES.

Okay, back to the regularly scheduled programming.  We eviscerate this piece in a tidy fashion (Ben, Dan, and Nick notes) and then proceed to discuss college scouting, rawdog, and poor choices.

Dan reads a story.  Ben and Nick respond.

The show is just as you'd expect:  Raucous and boozy.  And, dare we say, informed.

But seriously, the shotgun.  

Castmate Nick